Monday, March 26, 2007

bun out of the oven

well folks, the satanic worm has finally emerged. after not so patiently hauling the freeloader around in my ever growing trucker gut for more than 42 weeks, eviction papers were served and she was escorted out with the aid of a pitocin drip. as you might be able to discern from the photo (i promise i will not subject you to family vacation slideshows next), she was none to happy to be kicked out. why do all babies look like drunken garden gnomes when they're not looking like evil feed tubes?

so far, this has been the longest four weeks of my life. i am substituting cookies for sleep, which is a good thing for you all since i stumbled upon one of the best vegan chocolate chocolate chip cookie recipes i've come across yet. less of a good thing for my ever expanding trucker ass.
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